Author: matt


Planning Our First Garden

For the last several years we’ve been telling ourselves, “Next year we’re having a garden!”. Well, this time we’re actually doing it. We’re not lying this time. Seriously. I’ve heard Curtis Stone state on a couple of his videos that you could tarp an area over winter to prep a spot in your yard for a garden. This kills the grass and weeds so you can have an easier time with your garden plot, from what I understand. We’re planning on using raised beds but thought tarping the area (solarization) would help us prep the area and, most importantly for...


Preparing for a Job Loss

One of the main reasons I’m pursuing a self-sufficient life is the realization of how dependent I am on being employed. “Well, isn’t everybody?” Mostly, yes. With exception of the independently wealthy, the retired, the imprisoned, and those on government assistance, we all need gainful employment. We need an income and, generally, that is achieved by¬†performing services for which an employer pays you. At the end of the year – in less than a month¬†– the contract at my current gig is ending which means I have to look for another job. Just after I started writing this, the company...